March 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

March 13th:

Counterfactual Materiality: Using Computation, Fabrication, and Environment to Design Beyond Existing Materials

The work of Aptum focuses on the synthesis of computation, fabrication, and environmental systems as methods to question material properties and behaviors of architectural elements in order to make process and performance instrumental to form-making. In our office, we pose critical questions that lead to new approaches for architectural design; unpacking the relationship between materials, methods, and the environment by not designing for existing materials, but designing beyond them.  Rather than exploring existing materials to find the best way to construct a premeditated form, we strive for design that derives from a material and its process of transformation. And with the rapid development of new materials and technology, designing beyond the material affords our office agency to critically engage with the environment and bring a new imaginary to form-making. Learn more about Julie Larsen




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March 14th:

Open Structure, Open Form

Spiced with insightful stories Idenburg will speak about the how SO – IL creates an open and future proof architecture that can accommodate a wide range of functions and audiences. SO – IL is renowned for creating dazzling design solutions around the world. In an engaging and accessible way, Idenburg will address projects that range from the scale of furniture design to the recently opened Manetti Shrem Museum at the UC Davis.  Learn more about Florian Idenburg


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