The Government of Alberta has passed legislation affecting builders’ liens and payment for construction-related contracts within Alberta. The Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act (the “Act”), takes effect on August 29, 2022.

The Prompt Payment and Adjudication Regulation clarifies that the Act applies to regulated professional engineers and architects.

There are many existing contracts which were signed before the effective date of the Act. The Act’s Regulations set out a two-year grace period to update these contracts where they are expected to remain in force longer than the grace period.

Following is a link to a Letter from the City of Edmonton Integrated Infrastructure Services department addressing common questions you may have with regard to the City of Edmonton’s Practice going forward. CAA Prompt Payment Notice Letter – Consultants

Following is a link to a Letter from the City of Calgary Procurement (Capital), Supply Management, Corporate Planning & Financial Services Department regarding their implementation and procedures surrounding the new Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act. Letter PPCLA CAA

Following are links to answer to FAQ’s presented by Gowling WLF:
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