The Board of the CAA is excited for all the new things we are doing in the coming year as the Province begins its recovery from the Covid19 Pandemic. Following is a brief summary of what’s to come for the CAA in 2022/2023.

New Rates:

At the 2019-2020 AGM the board ratified new Membership rates. Our fees for 2022 will be $100 per Registered Architect or Licensed Interior Designer within a firm up to a maximum fee of $1000 per firm. In reducing rates we are looking to make membership accessible to a broader cross section of firms, regardless of size.

What we are Working on as an Organization:

Some of the issues we have been working on for our membership include liaising with the Alberta Joint Industry Response Team to address common issues during the Pandemic and providing input with regard to Prompt Payment Legislation.

With hope that the Pandemic is in our rear view mirror, we will continue to advocate for Architects and Licensed Interior Designers in the legislation changes being proposed by Alberta Infrastructure.

We have recently engaged an Executive Administrator to help renew our focus on maintaining the organization’s executive functions, which were challenged by the instability caused by the pandemic.

We have focused on renewal of the board with members representing a broad range of firm sizes and specialties, and look forward to tackling some new priorities including continuing education and supporting increased engagement and diversity in the architectural and design community.

Our Procurement and Contracts Committee has also continued to advocate for fair and balanced agreements for architects and licensed interior designers in contract updates proposed by key public-sector clients such as Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Health Services, and the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton.


Beginning with a Visioning Session held in 2021, the CAA identified what the priorities of the Society should be and from that we identified three key needs:

1) Continue to advocate for fair and balanced agreements through our Procurement and Contracts Committee;

2) Provide additional support and education to our membership around the business aspects of running a Practice; and

3) Advocacy for the role of Architects and Licensed Interior Designers.

These needs are driving the forward-looking priorities of the organization as they are a fundamental part of any Architect/LID’s career from intern, to registrant, business inception, through growth and on into succession. This concept of “CAA as a Journey” aims to provide support to our members as they navigate the business waters throughout their careers.

Our Recent Successes:

The CAA was instrumental in encouraging Alberta Infrastructure to go out for a standing list of firms to cover a variety of potential medium/smaller project types. Every firm that submitted on that RFSO were immediately added to a list. We suggested that this list could be used where allowable maximum fees for sole sourcing could be employed. As an example, much of the Capital & Maintenance Renewal (CM&R) projects are well under $2 Million and ideal for many smaller architectural and ID firms to handle. We are pleased that our focus on SME firms was in direct response of many asking if CAA could do more for firms of diverse sizes.

What Value will the CAA Provide to You?:

The CAA continues to be the business advocacy voice for all Architectural and Interior Design firms in Alberta. We welcome and value the participation and input of an increasingly diverse range of members in order that we might advocate for the concerns and needs that are affecting your business. In the coming year, we plan to deliver objective-based programs for new and established architectural and interior design firms to be successful. We cannot do this without the participation of Alberta’s Architectural and Interior Design Firms. Please reach out if you would like to be part of the many new initiatives we are undertaking.