The new Board of the CAA is excited for all the new things we are planning in the coming year as the Province begins its recovery from the Covid19 Pandemic. Following is a brief summary of what’s to come for the CAA in 2023.

New Rates:

At the 2019-2020 AGM the board ratified new Membership rates. Our fees are now $100 per Registered Architect or Licensed Interior Designer within a firm up to a maximum fee of $1000 per firm. These new rates represent an understanding of the importance of making CAA membership accessible to a broader cross section of firms, regardless of size.

Organizational Goals:

Board Renewal and Governance Committee:

At our most recent AGM in late 2022, we focused on renewal of the board with members representing a broad range of firm sizes and specialties.

Procurement and Contracts Committee:

Our Procurement and Contracts Committee continues to advocate for fair and balanced agreements for architects and licensed interior designers in contract updates proposed by key public-sector clients such as Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Health Services, and the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

Through membership on a variety of committees with Alberta Infrastructure and the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton, as well as through direct advocacy with the Government of Alberta, we are providing input with regard to the recent changes to the Lien Act and Prompt Payment Legislation. We continue to liaise with the Alberta Joint Industry Response Team to address common issues originally identified during the Pandemic.


Education and Events Committee:

This new Board committee was formed with the intent of providing opportunities for members of all experience levels to gain knowledge around business management, advocacy, and best practices in architecture and interior design. We look forward to working with the AAA for the licensing of continuing education credits, and supporting increased business knowledge, engagement and diversity in the architectural and design community.


Scope and Fee Committee:

With an increasing number of clients referencing the CAA/CEA Fee Guidelines in determining fees for their projects, the CAA is aware that it is important to keep the guidelines current. We have established a new committee this year with the intent of working closely with the Consulting Engineers of Alberta to evaluate and update the guidelines in support of the success of our members.


What Value will the CAA Provide to You?:

The CAA continues to be the business advocacy voice for all Architectural and Interior Design firms in Alberta. We welcome and value the participation and input of an increasingly diverse range of members in order that we might advocate for the concerns and needs that are affecting your business. In the coming year, we plan to deliver objective-based programs for new and established architectural and interior design firms to be successful. We cannot do this without the participation of Alberta’s Architects and Interior Designers. Please reach out if you would like to be part of the many new initiatives we are undertaking.


What Are CAA Members Reading?!

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