Our P3 Committee  is looking at Public Private Partnerships (P3s) and how the delivery of such projects in Alberta can be enhanced for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Committee Chair: Craig Webber 

Issue:  Public Private Partnerships in Alberta


The current manner in which P3 projects is delivered in Alberta raises concerns across the design and construction industry. Seen as a funding solution by many public clients, as an efficient way to tie capital and maintenance costs together, the P3 delivery model is gaining in popularity. The Consulting Architects of Alberta has identified P3s as a priority issue as it has wide-ranging impact to the industry as a whole.

Current Status

Representatives of our member firms who are actively engaged in P3 projects have been meeting on a monthly basis. Within the committee there has been a lively debate on how the P3 model in Alberta is different from other jurisdictions – both within Canada and internationally. The challenges we face in Alberta don’t always exist in the same way elsewhere. From these meetings, the “problem” is becoming better defined, along with the impacts to the various stakeholders involved, and lessons learned. The next step is to develop a strategy to address the identified P3 issues so that we can begin to advocate for improvements.

General information on Public Private Partnerships (P3s)