CAA/CEA Fee and Scope of Services Reference 2024

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The CAA/CEA Fee and Scope of Services Reference 2024 describes the scope of basic and additional services for building projects and offers a framework and suggestions on how to determine appropriate professional fees. It is offered for information purposes and is not a mandatory schedule. Each project is unique, and all parties are free to negotiate appropriate scope and fees to suit the project at hand.


What’s new (and not new) in this version?

The CAA/CEA Committee tasked with updating the Fee and Scope of Services Reference, asked for and received comments on Version 3 (2017) of the Reference.

The Committee reviewed all input received and developed the Reference to suit. It is important to understand that the actual fee categories and percentages have not changed as feedback consistently reinforces their overall validity.

The changes from past versions of the Reference to the 2024 update are, nonetheless, significant.  They include revised allocation of project fees by project phase in Section 2.1.5, updated wording throughout to reflect current practice, and significant updates to Part 3, Additional and Specialty Consultants and Services.  In addition, the formatting has been updated including renumbering of the clauses to avoid confusion between the three parts of the Reference.

We hope that the Reference will help clients, consultants and the public understand what basic service fees normally include, how they are calculated, what other scope and services may be required outside of basic services, and which of those other services would normally require additional fees.


The CAA / CEA Reference and Qualifications Based Selection

The Consulting Architects of Alberta and the Consulting Engineers of Alberta have both championed the importance of Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) to Clients.  Alberta Infrastructure, the City of Calgary, and the City of Edmonton have adopted a QBS approach on some recent proposal calls.

A QBS selection process promotes the selection of consultants through a process which emphasizes selection of the most appropriate team, moving the selection criteria off price and onto the team’s ability to deliver project success. Factors such as team expertise, experience, commitment, and approach become the focus of the Client’s selection process.

After the Client selects a preferred proponent, an appropriate, project specific scope of services and fee is negotiated with the Prime Consultant on behalf of the consultant team and documented in the project agreement. The Scope of Services and Fee Reference supports the QBS process by offering a guide to help clients, consultants, and the public understand industry norms and assumptions.



The Consulting Architects of Alberta and the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Scope and Fee Committee that prepared this 2024 update included the following members:

Doug McConnell (chair)
Genevieve Giguere
Hemna Marwah
Tai Ziola

Derek Ciezki
Janice Mills
Michael Jackson

Our intent is to update the document from time to time to reflect current practice norms.  Please feel free to send comments to connect@consultingarchitects.ca for consideration in development of the next update.


The CAA and CEA mutually support the notion of fair compensation commensurate with the scope of professional services provided.  For clarity, this Reference document is not mandatory, it is offered for information purposes only.  Each project is unique, and members are free to negotiate appropriate fees to suit the individual circumstances of each project.  There will not be any sanctions or penalties for any CAA or CEA members who choose not to follow this guide.