Membership Fees


Regular Member

Criteria: Any firm registered by the AAA to practice architecture and having an office in Alberta under the direction of an architect resident to that office may become a member upon payment of the prescribed fees.

Affiliate Member

The Consulting Architects of Alberta seek to build a positive business climate for any and all consulting architect firms doing business in Alberta. To further this positive business climate, The Consulting Architects of Alberta have established a new class of Affiliate Membership for “out-of-province” firms.

A consulting architecture firm that is registered with the Alberta Association of Architects to practice in Alberta.
This category is intended to cover firms that do not have an office established in the province with a licensed architect resident in that office (such firms qualify for regular membership).

Annual Dues 
For firms joining prior to December 31, of each calendar year – $3,000 (assumes no voting rights available)*
For firms joining AFTER December 31, of each calendar year – $4,500 (assumes voting rights)*
Annual dues may be pro-rated to our fiscal year end (July 31) with annual renewal invoices sent in August of each year.
*Currently our bylaws do not permit Affiliate Members to have full voting rights (nor participation on our board of directors). We propose to amend our bylaws and put this to a membership vote at our Annual General Meeting in September of 2012.

To read more on the benefits and how to be involved, click here.


Additional Affiliate Member Criteria: Firms or organizations that do not have as their primary business the practice of architecture but that practice or provide services in related fields and engage practicing architects may become affiliate members, provided they fall under one of the following categories:

Client Affiliates – Annual dues are $2,000

Professional Advisor Affiliates – Annual dues are $4,000

Regular Dues

Number of Staff *
Annual Fee
1 to 2 $650
3 to 10 $1,200
11 to 25 $1,800
26 to 35 $2,400
36 to 50 $3,000
51 to 75 $4,500
76 to 100 $6,000
101 to 150 $10,000
Over 150 $15,000
* Total number of staff
(architects, technologists, designers,
admin staff, accountants, etc. …)

Charter Member

A sub-set of regular membership, charter members are those member firms who have shown leadership with an initial investment and commitment to supporting the association through its start up phase. Charter members agree to a minimum two-year membership, paid annually. Charter members receive special recognition and privileges for their support. NOTE: Now that we have come to the end of our first fiscal year, Charter Memberships are no longer available.

Payment of dues

Annual membership dues cover the period August 1 through July 31.

Charter Dues
(no longer available)

Number of staff *
Annual Fee
Up to 10 $2,000
11 to 25 $6,000
26 to 50 $10,000
51 to 100 $12,500
Over 150 $15,000


* Number as reported to the AAA

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