CAA update … Working On Your Behalf  

Already the end of the first month of a new year has passed … and the CAA has been busy on working behalf of our members.

From time to time, we get questions about what the CAA is doing. Sometimes it is a specific issue and other times, it’s just a question in general. Recently, were asked about QBS and what the CAA is doing about it.

The short answer is “a lot.”

For years, the CAA has worked with the CEA to promote QBS with Alberta Infrastructure (AI). In response, last year AI prepared and released two pilot QBS projects – proponents were selected without reference to fees, which were negotiated after selection. We met with the Deputy Minister of IA and the IA team in the Industry Liaison Committee (ILC) meeting two weeks ago to discuss the results and to promote the expanded use and to promote their expanded use of QBS by AI. AI’s team is reviewing the procurement results but all indications are positive and AI appears open to expanding its usage. We see this as really important to our members; one of our most important initiatives. The DM is considering the results of her team’s review and very open to the idea. We are key players in the discussion.

We have also been at the table and participated in many ongoing discussions with the cities of Calgary and Edmonton to support their ongoing use of QBS. We are also in discussions with AHS about their use of a QBS selection process.

Additionally, we have prepared a draft private QBS proposal call, available on our website, for clients’ use. The Royal Mayfair Club recently used it in Edmonton to select architects for a new clubhouse project. It was seen as very helpful and they are a good reference for the approach.

Our CAA representatives are particularly impressed with the open-oriented approach of Shannon Flint, AI’s Deputy minister, and her team in our industry liaison meetings.

We are active leading participants of several related working groups dealing with AI’s procurement policies, BIM standards and choice of procurement methodologies. The CAA is an important and respected voice for our firms in these discussions.

The CAA is also at the forefront of many discussions with many different organizations. For example, Doug McConnell, co-Chair of the CAA’s Procurement and Contracts Committee, spoke in a plenary session to the RAIC Festival with the heads of the OAA and the OAQ and PWGSC on the topic – very much discussed with questions from the floor.

And this week, the CAA’s Chair is bringing greetings at the Edmonton Construction Association’s Infrastructure and Productivity Forum and Builder’s Connect Luncheon.

The CAA is always looking for more perks for its members. One recent event was the MNP’s Lunch and Learn session that took place on January 25. In addition to the information provided in the session (titled Tax Planning for architects in the current environment) attendees also earned 90 minutes of structured learning hours.

The CAA is now working on holding a similar event in Calgary, as well as additional Lunch and Learn sessions on different topics.

There are a variety of opportunities to get involved with the CAA to help expand the work that we do and the perks that can be created for members. If you are interested, feel free to contact any of the CAA board members or me. Our information is posted on the CAA website.


Jayne Jeneroux

Executive Director

Consulting Architects of Alberta