June 2018  was another busy month for the CAA.  As usual, our primary focus was on issues that impact architects in Alberta.

Through the CAA’s Procurement and Contracts (P&C) Committee, we are dealing with several contract issues.  This includes:

  • Builders Liens in the City of Edmonton RFP
  • University of Alberta’s Dentistry/Pharmacy RFP
  • Liquidated Damages in AI Contracts


The CAA and the AAA work together closely to address issues relating to the mandate of each group.  Two recent examples are:

  1. Jasper RCMP –

The CAA advocated for the importance of respecting the integrity of the RFP process and recognizing the effort, cost, time and focus that architects put into each submission.


The AAA directly advised that an out of province engineering firm is not eligible to provide architectural services in Alberta.  Also advised that Visiting Project Architect status is not permitted, as an engineering firm is ineligible for registration with AAA.


  1. LID contract matter

At a recent meeting with AI, the CAA introduced an issue of significance for the LID; using an agreement that supports the role of LIDs as prime consultant on Interior Design projects. From a regulatory perspective, the AAA also addressed LID contract matter and advised that RAIC Doc. 6 could be modified to change Architect to LID but noted that RAIC Doc. 10 (as modified for LIDs by AAA as authorized by RAIC) would be the preferred approach.


The CAA and the AAA are each advocating with the City of Red Deer for an agreement that does not require architects to be part of the City’s use of the COR safety program.


We continue to advocate with AI regarding further improvements to its standard form of agreements, particularly concerning the  wording of professional liability insurance requirements pertaining to negligence.


In addition to RFP issues, the CAA has been busy with the Pitching Green initiative. The committee has been hard at work developing the wording for the Pitching Green questionnaire, which will be out very soon.  Please take a few moments to provide your input.

Regarding the 2018 CAA Awards program, we are pleased to announce that we more than doubled the number of submissions entered.  Thank you to everyone who submitted. The winners will be announced at the CAA’s Annual General Meeting, which takes place Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the University of Calgary.


Jayne Jeneroux

Executive Director

Consulting Architects of Alberta