CAA Business Awards

The CAA is proud to celebrate the excellence of Alberta’s architectural community with the 3rd annual CAA Business Awards. Like the CAA itself, the awards are focused on furthering the business interests of architects and achieving excellence in the “business” of architecture. Submissions will be accepted until September 1, 2019.

The CAA Awards are designed to highlight the value of potentially under-recognized skills and contributions of Architects.

Essentially, we are looking for creativity and excellence in the “business” of architecture in Alberta. That could be achievements and innovation in problem-solving or it might be planning in a broad, business-oriented sense.  The work may or may not directly result in a completed building.

Examples include:

  • Creative experiments in office environment (e.g. creating a positive atmosphere that fosters creativity, teamwork, or mentorship and encourages retention and development of quality staff).
  • Technical innovations in office management (e.g. developing processes or products that increase efficiency or enable greater insight into operations).
  • Creative business development (e.g. uncovering opportunities through novel consultation processes that engage community, political, and business leaders in an innovative way).
  • Innovations in project delivery (e.g. use of novel approaches or technologies in project management, coordination, contract administration).
  • Excellence in increasing awareness (e.g. successful, high-profile delivery of under-appreciated services; increasing client, industry or public awareness of creative contributions to community development that can be made by architectural firms).
  • Creative partnerships (e.g. innovative team organization or membership; successfully teaming with atypical consultants, specialists, stakeholders; or providing unique facilitation processes).
  • Excellence in community service (e.g. commitment to, charitable, philanthropic, volunteerism, or outreach; or advancing activities that highlight the community building contributions of architectural practice in the province).
  • Unique marketing materials, such as a Change of Address notice that can be cut out and assembled as a 3D model of the new building.

For more examples, see last year’s winners.

Submission Details:

All entrants must be firms performing work in Alberta, projects submitted must begin work or be due for completion within 5 years of the award year. CAA membership is not mandatory. Entry fees are $150 for CAA Members and $300 for non members. Firms are encouraged to submit multiple entries. All entries must be submitted before September 1, 2019. Once the award winner or winners have been selected, they will be awarded their prize at the CAA Annual General Meeting on October 3 2019.