Member benefits: Group insurance plans

Did you know?

Did you know that the CAA has researched and secured group insurance plans for CAA members? The Board of Directors has approved two group insurance plans for member firms. For more information and to find out about the best possible options for our members, see below:

  • Comprehensive home and auto insurance plan
  • Flexible employee benefits program


With Novex Insurance as the underwriter, and Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers as the program provider, the

home and auto program will be available for ALL staff of all member firms, not only saving participants money, but also giving access to more extensive coverage than is available through standard insurance programs. You will find this to be a competitive and very attractive group program.  In addition to the competitive rates and comprehensive coverage, the key elements to the program are:

  • It is a voluntary program – You and your employees can opt in or out as you choose. There are no minimum commitments.  If only 1 person in your firm wishes to participate, they can take advantage of the discounts and superior coverage offered. If more participate, then more will benefit. Simple as that.
  • No firm commitment required – You do not have to make any changes to any existing programs you have in place.  Just let your partners and employees know about this new option and let them check it out for themselves.
  • Available to everyone in your firm – ALL employees within your firm (professional and administrative) can have access to the program. No exceptions.
  • Recruitment and retention tool – Attracting and retaining good employees can be a challenge for all firms, but especially for medium and smaller firms without access to the type of group benefits available to larger companies.  It is our hope that the CAA group home and auto insurance program will give your firm an additional competitive advantage in today’s hot employment market.
  • Customized communication materials – If you are interested in promoting this program within your firm, Lloyd Sadd Insurance will work directly with you to provide customized communication materials such as postcards, posters, paystub inserts and more.  All at no cost to your firm.

Employee advantages:

  • Home and Auto insurance at discounted rates
  • In addition, Lloyd Sadd offers a broad range of insurance products to protect recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, and seasonal/rental properties.
  • Flexible payment options – premiums can be made without service fees by monthly bank withdrawals or Visa/MasterCard
  • Experienced personal insurance advisers to assist you in evaluating your insurance needs
  • 24/7 emergency claims service, with guaranteed 30 min claims response
  • Free legal information service and family care assistance

For more details on these programs please contact Carlye Jakubec at Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers. You may also call her – 1.800.665.5243 or 780.483.4544


Specializing in employee benefit plans, The Silverberg Group (utilizing major underwriters) will work with CAA member firms to deliver programs customized to your need. Flexible plan design for group insurance plans is unique in the industry and we feel offers CAA members the best value for their dollar. Firms of all sizes will be able to see savings and advantages in the program Silverberg has built exclusively for CAA members. Successful recruitment and retention of quality employees is a cornerstone of successful design firms, and The Silverberg Group can help with this. The program features for example:

  • Preferred pricing through volume discounting
  • Enhanced benefits included:
    • Disability Management Institute
    • Accident & serious illness benefit
    • Employee & family assistance plan
    • Central dispensing pharmacy
  • WEBS online system
  • Plan design flexibility including health spending accounts
  • Alternative plan funding options
  • Support your association

To see how the customizable CAA Benefits Advantage Program can support your company’s business objectives, please contact <>Silverberg Group</> to arrange for an introductory meeting. Click here to learn more about the Silverberg Group. You may also call 403.234.7878 or 780.448.0676