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    CAA news … working on your behalf (June 2017)

    City of Calgary Construction Projects update


    As the business voice for architects in the Alberta, the Consulting Architects of Alberta (CAA) participate in numerous meetings that impact architects in Alberta.


    One such meeting is the recent feedback session on the City of Calgary’s design build terms and conditions.


    If you are interested in the City of Calgary’s construction projects, you might also be interested in the attachment below and the link related to the feedback session.


    1. City of Calgary Construction Invoice Submission Process-new process for the submission/management of Construction invoices,
    2. City of Calgary Statutory Declaration Form- with the release of the 2017 Standard General Conditions, The City of Calgary has created a new Statuary Declaration form that will be required, as per SGC clause 10.2 (5) (a), from all contractors seeking application for payment on City construction projects. The Statutory Declaration form must be completed and attached with the second and subsequent invoices submitted to the City. The City will not accept any other versions of the form on construction projects using the 2017 Standard General Conditions, nor will it accept any modifications to this standardized form.

    The document is  located for download from the Calgary website under the Construction Procurement Section or by clicking here.


    If you have any questions on the attached, please contact Mary Lifton  P.Eng.

    Leader Corporate Capital Project Strategies

    Corporate Analytics & Innovation
    The City of Calgary
    T 403.268.3578 | C 403.701. 6788

    Jayne Jeneroux

    Executive Director

    Consulting Architects of Alberta