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    CAA news … working on your behalf (March 2017)

    City of Calgary Construction Projects Session


    The City of Calgary is running a second/final information session for Engineers and Architects who prepare/manage construction projects for The City of Calgary on the new construction procurement docs. Details of the event are below.  A copy of the presentation is also attached.


    Information Session on The City of Calgary’s Construction Procurement Documents

    Date: April 4, 2017

    Location: 625 25 Ave SE, Bow River Room

    Time: 1:30-4:00


    Over the last 18 months, The City has been working with internal and external stakeholders – the Calgary Construction Association, Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, Consulting Engineers of Alberta and Consulting Architects of Alberta – to develop and pilot a new suite of construction procurement documents. The City’s primary goals for developing these documents are:

    ·         emphasis on fair, open, transparent procurement processes;

    ·         balanced and fair allocation of risk (e.g. risk allocated to the party best able to manage it) in Standard General Conditions;

    ·         promotion of efficiencies that expedite preparation and use of documents for City staff and external stakeholders;

    ·         use of plain and consistent language;

    ·         preparation of a suite of documents that allow for interchangeable plug-ins for different delivery methods (Design/Bid/Build and Construction Management are completed, Design/Build is still in preparation).


    As the documents are finalized, we will release samples to internal and external stakeholders. The first documents, being released, include:

    ·         Request for Tenders Fixed Price Construction

    ·         Request for Proposals Binding Fixed Price Construction

    ·         Request for Proposals Non-Binding Construction Management

    ·         Request for Proposals Non-Binding Fixed Price Construction

    ·         Standard General Conditions Construction


    Future construction procurement documents in development include:

    ·         Request for Proposals Non-Binding Design/Build Construction


    Samples of the documents are available for viewing on my City


    The City phased in the new documents on January 2, 2017.  This information session will highlight some of the key changes in the new procurement documents/processes and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.  If you are interested in attending please email Mary Lifton or call 1.403.268.3578.

    The complete presentation is available by clicking here.

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    Alberta Infrastructure announces changes

    March 9, 2017, Shannon Flint, Deputy Minister of Alberta Infrastructure, announced the following changes at the Assistant Deputy Minister and Executive Director levels to provide continuity and sufficient cover-off across the Ministry following Neil McFarlane’s acceptance of the Assistant Deputy Minister position and Brian’s Fedor’s leave within the Learning Facilities Division. Changes are effective immediately for the duration of the leave or, where applicable, when the competition is complete.

    Learning Facilities Division

    • Vince Farmer will act as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Learning Facilities Division


    Health and Government Facilities

    • Neil Kjelland will act as Executive Director, Health Facilities
    • Sandra Malchuk will act as Executive Director, Government Facilities


    Corporate Strategies and Services 

    • Scott Beeby will act as Executive Director, Procurement while maintaining his role as Project Director, Procurement Review
    • Michael Lundquist will continue to act as Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Strategies and Services, while maintaining his role as Executive Director, Capital Planning Branch