Part of Kasian’s 2018 “Backyard Project” submission

The CAA is proud to celebrate the excellence of Alberta’s architectural community with the 4th annual CAA Business Awards. The CAA is currently accepting submissions which demonstrate excellence in the business aspects of architecture.

Possible submissions include:

  • Creative experiments in office environment (e.g. creating a positive atmosphere that fosters creativity, teamwork or mentorship and encourages retention and development of quality staff).
  • Technical innovations in office management (e.g. developing processes or products that increase efficiency or enable greater insight into operations).
  • Creative business development (e.g. uncovering opportunities through novel consultation processes that engage community, political and business leaders in an innovative way).
  • Innovations in project delivery (e.g. use of novel approaches or technologies in project management, coordination, contract administration).
  • Excellence in increasing awareness (e.g. successful, high-profile delivery of under-appreciated services; increasing client, industry or public awareness of creative contributions to community development that can be made by architectural firms; increasing awareness of green design’s importance and value).
  • Creative partnerships (e.g. innovative team organization or membership; successfully teaming with atypical consultants, specialists, stakeholders; or providing unique facilitation processes).

    Brochure cover for DIALOG’s 2018 winning submission –  “Edmonton Design Week”

Or more specific examples:

  • A Change of Address notice that utilizes a printed image of the new office location that can be cut out and assembled as a 3D model with the new address fixed to the model
  • Hosting an annual barbecue for a worthwhile community non-profit group and accepting donations to support the event and all proceeds going to the community group.
  • A software program developed internally that combines time sheets, distributing the hours to appropriate projects, a spread sheet that gives daily or weekly
    financial snap-shots for each project, a dynamic spread sheet that allows a “what-if” scenario for the development of proposed fees, etc.
  • A clever and creative format for an RFP that is distinctive and sets the proposal apart from other submissions.

Submission guidelines:

  • Submissions will be accepted from members and non members alike, entry fees are $150 for CAA members and $300 for non-members.
  • Submissions must be sent in the form of a PDF no longer than six 8.5×11″ pages, and should represent recent examples of excellence and innovation in the business of architecture practiced in Alberta.
  • Submissions will be accepted via email to until September 1, 2020

For more information, check out last year’s entries!